The misinformation about Xinjiang and the perpetration of Anti-Asian hate

Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a news conference at the Capitol in Washington (Photo: AP / J. Scott Applewhite).

Homosexuality was normal in China, until Western empires invaded. To decolonise Hong Kong, sexual minorities should be protected, not discriminated against, writes Cyril Ip

Photo: South China Morning Post

Universalist approach to environmentalism brings more inequality, not unity, argued Cyril Ip

Woman dancing at Extinction Rebellion’s protest in London, UK (Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash)

America’s imperialist aggression in the form of destabilising educational institutions

Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia Wang Wenbin shakes hands with Olfa Ben Ouda, president of the University of Carthage, during the opening ceremony of Tunisia’s first Confucius Institute in Tunis, Tunisia. (Photo: Xinhua)

Despite the clearly xenophobic rhetoric of the notorious commander in chief, his Chinese-American supporters remain loyal because of his nationalist, conservative and anti-CCP posture.

Ling Zeng, a Chinese American Trump supporter takes the stage with Trump. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

Feeding one’s self with the delusion that he lacks ‘liberty’ and must ‘fight’, just so that life becomes more exciting to him

Rioters break into a restaurant and cause destructions.

The use of ‘model minority’ is increasingly questioned and examined by Asians themselves.

(Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR)

Anderson’s ‘Imagined Communities’ was exploited by Hong Kong’s separatists to a point of frivolousness.

Yau Wai-ching showing off a flag that reads ‘Hong Kong is not China’. (Photo from HK01)

From male celebrities casually flaunting a full face of makeup, to transgender people confidently recognising their right to equality, things are more progressive than outsiders would like to believe.

Lay Zhang Yixing, Chinese superstar and the latest global ambassador for M.A.C. Cosmetics.


Political commentaries confronting superficial narratives provided by mainstream news sources.

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